Pop Bottle Rockets Project

We did a project on Pop bottles. We had to make a design for the Pop bottle Rocket and draw the wings. You had to make a nose cone for your Pop Bottle Rocket as well. There is a SECRET about the nose cone, but we’ll get to that later. We had to use materials like tape, scissors, and other materials like card board to help make the pop bottle rocket.

The Pop Bottle Rocket Wings can be designed big or small. The design of your wing can determine your time for you Pop Bottle Rocket. You have to launch your pop bottle rocket and your pop bottle rocket will be timed to its highest point when launched.We launched out side by the way.

The secret was that the nose cone of the bottle had to have weight in it to balance out the bottle. I would put more weight inside the bottle rocket so my pop bottle rocket would be balanced out.
My partner was David and check out his blog! We did pretty good on our project and we got some good times on our pop bottle rocket

ROCKET david and andy

Youtube Account

I have two youtube accounts. I record videos in my spare time. I have a Samsung Camcorder that I use to record. I record now in silence because of some diffuculties and I talk in some videos for some occasions.

Video Games

I have alot of games. I have a wii and a computer. I wi-fi on SSBB and Mario Kart Wii. My favorite game right now is Lord of the Rings The Battle For Middle Earth 2. It will soon change however. I like games. Video games are fun and if I don’t play video games, I surf on the web. Its really fun playing on a computer. Make sure to check my video game Page!

Lego Robotics


Lego Robot

This year we did Lego Robotics with Mindstorm. What challeged me to do this is that I like robots. Robotos are cool and I wanted to do this project about robots and programs. I was determined to do this. I learned how to program the Lego Robot and how to use the programs.

What I would do differently is I would make better programs and use the program efficiently. What makes this project fun is that you get to make programs and watch the robot do stuff that some Legos can’t. Its really fun and you should get the mindstorm if you are interested.

Well thats it for this project, the next project is more cooler. Mindstorm is a very good robot. You can program it to do other stuff  like solve the rubix cube or somthing like that.